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Archives for March 2017

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Alone No More

I know our Lord is always with us. He said that He would never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) But there are those times when we need Him more than others. I believe the Lord is never closer or more intimately present than when we are in trouble, afraid or hurting. In those times, He understands how we feel and showers us with His love, compassion, grace and presenc...

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Are You Listening?

One day, King Jehoshaphat King of Judah and Ahab King of Israel joined together to go to war against their enemy. Ahab was not a very godly king and Jehoshaphat, a godly king, lacked discernment in forming such an alliance. Jehoshaphat needed a Word from God before he actually went to war. He sought God's will. Ahab gathered together 400 prophets, 400 "yes men", who always...

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Don't Bow

Unless you have been living on Mars for the past few years, it is obvious that our nation (and the world) is going through a major cultural transformation. The world is changing every day, and most of it not for the better. Mass media and the entertainment industry seems void of morality, medical and health care issues are crossing ethical boundaries, the shifting politica...

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