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"Holdfast to His Word"

“Take courage, It is I, do not be afraid”. (Matthew 14:27)

When I am in a storm or in a painful and difficult circumstance, I thank God for the prayers and support of others that helps so much when things are rough. But there are those times where we simply need a Divine Intervention, a move of God… especially in the storms. He’s the one that can still the storm, chase despair away, wipe away the tears, bring joy out of sorrow and hope out of hopelessness.

When we experience those spiritual and emotional storms, we must remember the most important things…1. God loves you, 2. Have faith in Him, 3. God has not forgotten you, (…some may forget you, but I will not forget you. Isaiah 49:15), 4. Stay in God’s Word… hold on to the promises that will not fail you. Don’t let the emotions of what you are going through blind you to God’s Word and precious promises. Stay focused and remember what He said in His Word.

When the apostles were in the stormy sea in Matthew 14, they were fearful and troubled. They were far out in the middle of the sea… far beyond their comfort zone and completely out of their control. When Jesus came walking on the water to them, they did not recognize Him and cried out that it was a ghost. There are many reasons why they did not recognize Jesus in the storm. I believe one main reason is that they forgot His Word and promise to them that they were going to the other side. Jesus told them not only to get in the boat, but that they were going to the other side. If Jesus said it… then that’s what was going to happen. But they did not “holdfast the faithful Word”. The ship was not going down and neither were they. Jesus would not allow it but He would accomplish what He sent His Word out to do! Their fear led to doubt rather than trusting Jesus at His Word.

In your storm, don’t let go of His Word and His promises. He is raising up a people who will know Him in the storm as well as the calm seas. Never let go of His Word, because he will never let go of you!