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He has risen!

There is no doubt that the greatest event in human history is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. When He came out of that tomb, He bought hope and new life to anyone who would simply believe and have faith. He came out in resurrection life and left inside the old grave clothes of death and darkness. When they buried Jesus, the Word of God says that they rolled a stone over the tomb and sealed it and then set guards to guard the tomb so no one could go in or out!

Unfortunately today, not every believer is living in the hope and new life of the risen Christ. There are many today who still live in the tombs of their past, their failures, conditioning and programming, their sin, wrong thinking, fears and anxieties, bitterness and pain, and lies of the devil. That spiritual stone, set in place by man, is bent on keeping them in the tomb of their fears and failures. Every time they try to walk out into the light, that stone says no and through discouragement and deception, tries to keep them entombed in their darkness. Along with the stone, there are those “guards” set in place by evil to make sure we stay in the tomb. Those guards who would come against those walking out of the tombs of their life, lying and convincing God’s people to get used to life in the tomb and coming up with every damning excuse to not walk in the light of resurrection life. But don’t worry about the stone and those guards any longer.

It took an act of man to roll the stone over the tomb and to set the guards in place… but it took an act of God, a ground shaking earthquake, to roll the stone away and make the guards of no affect. You can come out of the tomb of this life because of what the Lord has done. He has made a way where there is no way. You can walk in the hope of the risen Christ and in newness of life… right now. Leave those grave clothes in the tomb, all those things that kept you bound and captive. Follow Jesus out of the tomb into the new light of this day. Walk past the stone and walk past the guards… they cannot hold you any longer! He has risen!