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Coming against the plague

There are so many great aspects to technology and scientific advances. One of these advances in science and medical research has been the eradication of many diseases and plagues that have killed so many people throughout the centuries. Some still remain but most have been eliminated.

However, there are still plagues around, but not so much of a medical nature but more of a spiritual nature. In our society, there exists a spiritual plague of unrighteousness, sin, and rejection of God that is so destructive. A plague is an epidemic causing a high rate of mortality. All around us are plagues of drug and alcohol abuse, pornography and sexual perversion, violence, suicide, divorce, broken families and despondent children and generational problems. What are we to do?

In Numbers 16, there is the story of a rebellion against Moses led by a leader named Korah. Korah rejected Moses leadership wanting to elevate himself and influenced 250 other leaders into coming against Moses. God was not happy and He opened up the earth, swallowed up those involved, and ended the rebellion. But the people blamed Moses for the disaster and also turned against him. God responded by sending a plague that destroyed 14,700 people. To end the plague, Moses directed Aaron to burn incense as an offering to God and to do so quickly while he ran. As Aaron “stood between the dead and the living”, the plague stopped. The burning of the incense represented passionate and desperate prayer to God. Fervent prayer, consistent prayer, repentant prayer and unceasing prayer! Then… the plague stopped!

When the spiritual plagues of this world come to the door of our homes and churches, let us stand before the dead and the living and, through passionate prayer and intercession, stand for our families and draw that line in the sand that says to the plague, “This far and no more in the authority and Name of Jesus Christ”! Pray with all your heart and don’t stop and the Lord will come through. And, “no plague will come near your tent!” (Psalm 91: 10) Start now… it’s never too late!