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A Miracle For You

One of the greatest miracle ever done by Jesus has to be the giving of the loaves and fishes. In front of all the Apostles and so many others, the compassion of Christ became so evident in His concern to feed the people who had no place else to go for food. His disciples wanted to send the people away because they didn’t have enough money or help to feed 5000 people. But Jesus always has a plan… a miracle ready to go! In Mark 6, Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fish, blessed the food and divided the food to 5000 people… with 12 baskets of leftovers. The Apostles were amazed at the miracle. But did they get the message?

Yet, right after that, Jesus made the Apostles get into a boat to go to Bethsaida. A fierce storm rose up that caused Peter and the others to fear greatly thinking they were going to die. Jesus in His compassion, walked on water to save them telling them not to fear and that it was Him walking to them on the water. But in Mark 6:52, the Apostles had not understood about the miracle of the loaves because their heart was hardened. They missed the message.

Sometimes it’s easier to believe for a miracle for others rather than ourselves. The Apostles had no problem rejoicing in the miracle of the loaves and fishes. They saw the compassion and provision Jesus gave to those in need and were glad for them. But when it came to their own need for a miracle, they didn’t expect it. They allowed fear and self-preservation to take over as they tried to row harder to get out of the storm. They didn’t get the message of the loaves and fishes as pointed out in verse 52. They didn’t realize that not only were miracles for others, but God’s compassion and provision miracles were for them as well! God has a miracle for you! I know you pray for miracles in the lives of others… but are you really expecting that miracle for you? His compassion and provision is not only for others… but it’s for you too! Let the miracle of the loaves and fishes reach your heart today and learn what the Apostles failed to… He has a miracle for you! Open your heart and believe! Whether it’s immediate or longer term… believe that He has a miracle for you!