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Faith Over Feelings

It’s not a sin when we feel the initial impact of fear. Many things happen that can cause us to be afraid and be fearful… a bad report, imminent loss, a problem with a loved one and so on. We all go through those things. But the problem comes in when we give place to the fear and let it take over affecting what we do. We react out of fear rather than stand in faith in the face of that situation.

When Israel faced the Red Sea after victoriously leaving the bondage of Egypt, they were afraid. The Eygptian army was following after them and there seemed no way out as they faced the winds and waves of the Red Sea. Their fear caused them to forget God’s promises about the Promised Land. Their fear also made them want to go back into bondage after such a great deliverance. (Exodus 14:10-14) It’s amazing what fear can do.

Fear is a powerful tool of the devil. Fear can cause some to forsake God’s promises and presence… fear can throw prayer, church, God’s Word, truth, stability and hope out the window. Fear wants to take over and control all your actions and responses to the situations you face… usually causing separation, depression emotional reactions and an anticipation of the worst happening. It also steals your peace. That’s why Moses had to tell his people when they were afraid to “hold their peace” (Exodus 14:14)… because fear was trying rob them of God’s peace, hope and joy.

There are many things we can do in the face of fear but the two that I fall back on when fear knocks at my door are to trust and believe! David cried out “Whenever I am afraid I will trust in you!”(Psalm 56:3) Isaiah also heralded the same, “I will trust and will not be afraid.”(Isaiah 12:2) When Jesus spoke to a devastated Jairus about his daughter, He said, “Don’t be afraid, only believe!”(Mark 5:36)

Today and every day, face that fear trusting in the power, presence and promises of Jesus. Today, believe Him and don’t doubt. Don’t let fear pull you away from those things that the Lord will use to get you through. Stay the course! Fear cannot overcome a believer who trusts and believes his Lord. Today, fear does not overcome you, you overcome fear! Thank Jesus right now!