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You Go First This Time!

You Go First This Time!

When God’s people were at the Red Sea fearful of the pursuing Egyptians and seeing no clear route out, God performed the most amazing miracle ever… he opened up the Red Sea and Israel passed through it on dry ground. Wow! God really came through but it didn’t take much faith to walk where God already made a way.

Years later, God’s people were about to cross another body of water… not the Red Sea but the Jordan River. The river didn’t have the depth and magnitude of the Red Sea but was still turbulent and dangerous to cross. Again, it seemed impossible! And I am sure there were people praying for God to open up the river for them to cross over just as He did before… waiting to see God move and then they will follow… just as before.

But God was working a deeper faith in them than they realized. God’s command to Joshua was to get the priests, who carry the Ark of the Covenant, to put their feet in the water first AND THEN the waters will open up! (Joshua 3:8, 13) When that happened, the waters of the Jordan River rose up (just like at the Res Sea) and the priests stood on dry ground in the middle of the river and the whole nation of Israel passed over on dry ground as well! (vs. 14-17)

Are you waiting on God or is He waiting on you? Yes, God will do great things for us and astound us with His miracles, but sometimes… He waits for us. He may be calling you to step out in faith regarding something He has spoken to you about. You put your foot in the Jordan first this time and then watch how God responds with miracle power. Is God waiting to see your faith? Is He waiting for you to believe for something… have faith in a particular area… step out in something He told you to do before you see a way to do it… to pray an impossible prayer trusting God for the answer! Put your foot in the water first this time and I believe the powers of Heaven will follow you through.

Every time we go into the secret of prayer, I believe our Lord quietly expresses, “I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you”!