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Walking on Water

Could you imagine being there that night when the storm was at it’s peak? The waves billowed and winds were howling and all the Apostles on the boat were terrified. To add to their terror, they saw what appeared to them to be a ghost but it was actually Jesus walking to them on the sea. When Peter heard the words of Jesus, “It is I, don’t be afraid” (Mt. 14:27), he was moved to ask Jesus if it were truly Him and to come to Jesus walking on the water. What a night! And as we know from the text, Peter walked on water! He’s the only other man other than Jesus to do so… at least until he began to sink! Peter’s walking on water is an amazing and miraculous story. Jesus may not ask you and I to literally walk on water, but some things that Jesus may ask us to do in our life may be the may be the emotional equivalent of walking on water! Maybe to you, walking on water could be forgiving that person who hurt you so much? Maybe walking on water to you may be trying not to control everything and surrender all to God? It may be not letting offense push you out of place and not becoming bitter and holding on to your emotions? For you, it may be allowing God to plant you deeply and stabilizing your life when it would be so easy to just go? Maybe for you, walking on water would be facing up to a secret sin that has kept you in bondage and to confess and repent and receive God’s delivering power and grace? And maybe for you, walking on water may simply be allowing God’s love to fill your heart and rest in His loving and accepting arms? What’s walking on water mean to you? So today, let’s get out on those waves! And when you do… you’ll never be the same. See you on the water!