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Not Yet!

“We must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; night is coming when no one can work” (John 9:4 ESV)

The other day, I was driving my son David to his job. As many of you know, David is a Developmentally Delayed young man who is high functioning, extremely social and loves the Lord and His people with all His heart.  As we were driving, I said to Dave that someday when I go to Heaven, he will live with his two sisters and their families… both of whom love David so very, very much. As I said that, he just looked out the window, so I said it again that, when I go to Heaven he will live with Melissa and Heather… and with such a peaceful look on his face as he looked up at the sky through the car window, he said… “Yeah… but not yet!” Then he looked at me and smiled… I smiled back and kissed him!

“Not yet”! There will be a day in which all of us, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, will leave this earth and enter our true home in Heaven… the home that we have been truly longing for through the temporal confines of this world. But for many of us… not yet! We have work to do!

Jesus said that while it is day… this day… today…we must be about the works of Him who sent Jesus, namely, our Father. There will be a time, the nighttime, when we will not be able to work… at the end of all things.  But until then, we have today! Those works motivated by faith, love and obedience… to serve and love one another, to use our gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ, to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to live a sacrificial life of being broken and poured out for others, to follow the calling and purpose that God has for each one of us, to live in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to walk in the victory of the cross and in the power of His resurrection, to experience the peace that nullifies our fears, the rest that quiets our angers, the love that heals our hurts and the joy that melts our sorrows… to encourage those in despair, to show the hope of Christ to the hopeless, to live a supernatural faith in a natural world, and to be sent to be a light in the darkest places in this world… the hearts of lost souls!

So let’s thank God for today, a day He has made for you and I, with all the promises, hopes and miracles that this day will bring. And when the devil lies to you and tells you that you’re done and it’s all over, just look up and confidently say, “Hey Devil… NOT YET… NOT YET !!!”