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So Today, What do You Need?

Exodus 16:21 “So they gathered it every morning, every man according to need. And when the sun became hot, it melted.”

When Israel was going through the desert wilderness, God provided food for them in the form of manna. This manna was a bread-like substance that came from the dew of the night that God provided to sustain them. The only problem was that they could not store up the manna, save it or stock up on manna. If they did, it would be infested with worms and maggots and stink…(reminds me of the food I had in college!) They were given just enough for the day at hand.

Every single thing you need today, God has provided and given to you. Today… He provides, today… He is faithful. He gives you what you need. He did it yesterday and he will do it tomorrow as well… and He will do it today! But we have to trust Him… completely. I believe the reason why the manna could not be stored up was because he wanted His people not to trust in what they had, but to trust Him… everyday!

If they could store up manna and have it all figured out, they would trust in the storehouse, what they possess, and not in God. Their confidence would be in what they could do and not in what God could do. God wants us to trust and rely on Him for everything we need… everyday! There is a time to plan, yet there is a time to trust for today.

So today, what do you need? I didn’t say what do you want… but what do you need? Trust Him! Rely on Him! Pray! Tell Him what you need! Let Him do a deep work of faith in you today and provide for you today… and guess what… he’ll do it again tomorrow!