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"To Everything There is a Season…"

“To everything there is a season…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

What season are you in? It’s obvious by the recent heat that we are in summer but that is not what I mean. What season of your life are you in… spiritually? We live our lives in seasons. We don’t get to choose the season, God does. “He changes the times and the seasons.” (Dan. 2:21) Our lives don’t stay the same even though sometimes we wish they would. But He has made everything beautiful in its’ time. (Ecc. 3:11)

We get settled in the seasons of our life and we tend not to move on. To get us to move on sometimes God takes away the familiar things in our lives or allows a significant change to occur to propel us forward. That could be really uncomfortable but we have to trust our Lord and believe He’s working something out for our good and His will.

For Israel, between Egypt and the Promised Land was the wilderness. God allowed a season in the wilderness… a season of change and transformation. He wanted to get at the heart of His people to obey and trust Him. He wanted them to stop looking back, let go of the past and move forward into the blessings and promises He had for them. They could not fully enter the new season God had for them until they were willing to leave the old season behind. How we face the seasons of God is critical to our destiny. What we wish we could avoid and not have to deal with… can grow us, mature us and settle and bring us right into the blessings and joy of the Lord. But we have to trust Him.

Are you in a place that you’d never thought you would be? Does it seem like a strange season? Trust Him… he loves you… and He’s working things out for our good! Go forward. He’s not in the old season; He’s in the new one. Don’t be afraid… embrace the new season he has for you. Believe Him when He says that… “He has made everything beautiful in its’ time!”