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My Father


“Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name.” (Matthew 6:9)


At a recent Wednesday night prayer meeting at church, we began the meeting by taking some time to really focus on “who” we were praying to. Sometimes, when we come into God’s presence to pray, we might do so a bit casually or lightly not realizing that we are coming into the presence of a Holy and Almighty God. Sometimes our familiarity can cause us to lose a sense of awe and wonder of coming to an audience with the Creator of the Universe! Isn’t it amazing that the Creator of life, a God of Majesty and unapproachable light desires that we come to Him in prayer… and that He listens and loves being with us?


When Jesus taught His disciples the manner in which they were to pray, the first thing he taught was “who” they were to pray to. Not a distant God, not an uninvolved God, not an angry God, not an unloving God… but “Father”… our Father… a loving Father! A Father who deserves all the glory, honor and praise. A Father whom we are to reverence with a holy fear. A Father to whom we can cry out “Abba Father” (Mark 14:36)


He is a father who gives good gifts to His children (Luke 11:13). He is a Father who loves you so much (John 14:21, John 16:27). He is, as Jesus proclaimed, “… your Father, my God and your God” (John 20:17)


So when you pray, know that you pray to a God who is your Father and who listens, cares, has compassion for you, present in your life, involved in all that concerns you, who desires to give good things to you, quick to forgive and restore relationship, and who loves you so very, very much!


When Jesus taught about praying to the Father, He was showing us the importance and reality of relationship. Prayer is based on relationship, connection and bonds of love that surpass emotion and understanding.


Jesus, as He taught, used the term “Our” Father for His teaching purposes to the disciples. But when you pray, alone with your God, you can confidently and lovingly proclaim… “My” Father! Sounds good doesn’t it!!!