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Refuse Him Nothing

 “See that you do not refuse Him who speaks…” (Hebrews 12:25) We should obey God and not refuse anything He says for many reasons. Some amazing reasons to obey Him and not refuse Him is that when we do so, God responds with miracles, guidance, and signs and wonders!

In 2 Corinthians 2:9, Paul wanted to test the Corinthian church to see if they would obey God in all things… not just in some things, but all things! Before that giant Goliath fell at the hands of a young David, David had to obey God and refuse Him nothing. What got him to the battle site was a simple task his father gave him, which was to take lunch to his brothers. Before David obeyed God in the taking down of Goliath, he had to obey in all things… even in a lunch delivery!

When we refuse Him nothing, God guides us and leads us into His perfect will and amazing blessings. As Rebekah obeyed her family as she went to the well to get water, God had someone there waiting for her, in His Divine Providence. It was the servant of Abraham who prayed that a woman would be at the well who would eventually be a wife for Isaac… and there was Rebekah! What awaits you as you obey?

Refusing Him nothing means that we absolutely and completely depend on Him. When Peter obeyed Jesus as he stepped out of the boat, Peter completely and absolutely had to depend on Jesus to hold him up so he would not sink. Obedience always yields to dependence and reliance on Christ!

Lastly, refusing Him nothing and obeying Him means that the outcomes and results are in His hands. When Jehoshaphat was attacked by an army greater and more powerful than his own, he cried out to God and proclaimed, “Our eyes are upon you”! Jehoshaphat obeyed God as God directed him what to do, but the king placed the results, the outcomes in His hands. The Lord never failed him and won the day because Jehoshaphat put everything in God’s hands in faith and in trust. So should we… as we refuse him nothing!