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“For You are my Hope”(Psalm 71:5)

The antidote to discouragement is hope and our hope is not just “in” Jesus, but our hope “is” Jesus… a hope that comes from an abiding, intimate and surrendered relationship with our Lord. The word hope means to have a desire of good with the expectation of obtaining it. Hope without expectation is hollow and without substance. But hope based on the foundation of the truth and love of Jesus Christ is a hope that is alive. “…lay hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast…”(Hebrews 6:18-19) Don’t let that hope go! Don’t be deceived, distracted, disillusioned and discouraged… all enemies of hope. Hold on to it by faith, trust and the love and commitment of Christ. Let it be, as the Word says, an anchor that holds you no matter how great the storm!

What kind of hope do you have? I have found out that there are usually three kinds of hope. One is “no hope”. There are those that have given up, given out and given in. Any trace of hope has been forfeited and they have given in to the circumstances and situations they face. They have taken back control of their life and are “rowing harder in the storm” doing what they can do in a situation, and not looking for Christ and no longer abiding.

Another hope is “false hope”. False hope is any hope not founded and planted in Jesus Christ. It’s a hope that depends on man, circumstances to change, things to go your way. It’s what I call a “Gambler’s Hope”… a hope that the next time I’m going to win, the next try will do it, the next marriage, the next church… hoping that things just change. It usually does, but for the worst!

And then there is a “Sure Hope”… a hope in Christ, a hope in His Holy Word, a hope in His truth, His power, His Presence, His Provision, His Mercy, His Grace, His compassion and His love! A hope that will never let you down and a hope that brings with it peace and comfort, dispelling the fear. What kind of hope do you have today? Hold on to that Sure Hope… hold on to Jesus, He’s holding on to you!