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It's The Little Things

“Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” Song of Solomon 2:15                                                     

On that memorable day in the Valley of Elah, David faced the giant Goliath in the strength and courage of the Lord. The mighty Philistine warrior was defeated with a stone to the forehead from David’s sling. What a tremendous victory and event that marked David’s life and legacy! David could see Goliath clearly starring him in the face and running towards him. As a matter of fact, the whole Israeli army could see Goliath because of his gigantic stature. David had no problem seeing Goliath, yet… He did have a problem with the smaller things in his life… the little foxes of lust and sin that led to murder and rebellion against God. It was not the big things that brought David down, but the little things!

Some things in our lives are easy to see and deal with. They are obvious and intrusive. But what about the little things? What about the smaller things that we tend to minimize and overlook that can cause the most pain… the little compromises, the little temptations, the little attitudes, the little places of disobedience?

Vinedressers used to build great walls, or fences, around their vineyards to protect them and keep the integrity of their vines. But when they neglected to build the foundation of the walls deep enough, the little foxes would dig underneath to get into the vineyard and eat the grapes and destroy the precious vines.

What little things in your life has God been speaking about? Is your foundation deep enough and properly set? Are you adequately valuing the tender grapes of your life and diligent to protect and care for what is important to you… given to you by God? Or are those little foxes getting in behind the wall somehow and causing havoc and loss in your vineyard?

Today, take care of the little things. Don’t minimize them or rationalize them saying that they are not that important. The little things are! As you pray today, ask the Holy Spirit to show you where the little foxes are getting in and where the little things can turn into big things as time goes by. The Holy Spirit will give us guidance, discernment, wisdom and strength so we can shut out the little foxes and enjoy the benefits of a fruitful vineyard filled with tender grapes… the blessings of God!