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Working for the Good

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

One day, there was a man who was sailing across the ocean. Some trouble soon developed and the ship was eventually lost and sunk. The man spent several days on a life raft until the ocean currents caused him to land on a deserted island. He was there for quite some time. In order to protect himself from the elements and wild animals that roamed the beach, he painstakingly built a small hut out of tree limbs and palm branches. It took him a long time to do so and it literally exhausted him. After weeks of hard work, he finally finished his new, hopefully temporary home. But he prayed that God would intervene and somehow get him off the island he was on and get him back home. He prayed, and prayed, and prayed!

One night as he cooked some fish he caught on a little campfire, he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, one of the sparks from his campfire flew onto the grass hut that he had just finished building… an effort that drained him of all he had. He woke up just in time to see his jungle hut burn down with a great fire that lit up the whole beach. The man got so mad! He yelled and screamed at God… “Don’t you care? Why did you let this happen? Why didn’t you answer my prayer to get out of this place? I thought you loved me? Are you mad at me? Where are you God? I came to you and you let me down! I prayed and you turned a deaf ear to me! Why should I ever believe you again? I guess you’re not as faithful as I thought!

The man fell asleep in his anger and disappointment only to be awakened by someone hitting his foot with a stick. He opened his eyes and he surprisingly saw a handful of men all around him with a ship anchored right off the beach. He couldn’t believe his eyes! With awe in his heart he asked the man who seemed to be in charge, “How did you find me after all this time?” The man answered, “If it wasn’t for your signal fire we would have never found you!”

God is always working for good for those who love Him! You may not see Him in your situation, but trust Him… have faith in God… He is working things out for your good… right now! Begin to thank Him!