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“Is there anything too difficult for the Lord?”

 “Is there anything too difficult for the Lord?” (Gen. 18:14)

 Isn’t it amazing that what is an obstacle to us is absolutely nothing before our Lord! When God promised a son to Abraham both he and Sarah, his wife, were well past the childbearing age. They were so old that when the angel promised a son Sarah laughed… as if to say, “are you kidding?” She laughed because it was impossible that she would have a son. That’s when those wonderful words were spoken, “Is there anything too difficult for the Lord?” What we see is so very different from what our Lord sees. But this is how we must live… seeing by faith and not by the natural circumstances.

When He sees an empty womb… He births a new life!

When He sees a closed door… He goes through it!

When He sees empty nets… He fills them!

When He sees raging waves in the sea… He walks on them!

When He sees a flooded altar… He sets it on fire!

When He sees tumultuous rains… He makes an ark!

When He sees an impassable Red Sea… He opens it!

When He sees impenetrable walls… He knocks them down!

When He sees a Goliath… He beheads him!

When He sees a storm… He calms it!

When He sees a tomb… He brings life out of it!

When He sees a broken heart… He heals it!                                                                                       

And when He sees a hungry and thirsty soul… He satisfies it!

Have faith… whatever obstacles and problems He sees in your life, He has an answer for it and a way through! Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Are you kidding? Absolutely not! Take courage… He’s going to work it all out!