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Part 1: What a Wife Needs


“However, each of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect the husband.” (Ephesians 5:33)


Part 1: What a Wife Needs.


Marriage was God’s idea and as we trust and obey him in all things and ask His help, He works out all things between a husband and a wife. It is an understatement to say that men and women are different with different needs. But in the context of Godly, marital love, it is important to have an idea of not only what those differences are (which will take up much more room and time than we have here)… but to understand better what a husband needs and what a wife needs.


In my many years of counseling couples and solving marital problems, I have come to know some of those things that husband needs and what a wife needs. Here are some things that it is important to know what a husband or wife needs from their spouse.  The list is by no means all inclusive, but it will help give us an idea of mutual needs that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can attempt to meet through love and patience…


A wife needs from her husband:

  1. A Godly and spiritual leader… a Christ centered husband leading her and the family in spiritual matters. A husband who has courage to lead, conviction honor Christ in the home, compassion to love no matter what, commitment to see it through and the character of Christ that can only come from a devoted life.
  2. To be affirmed and appreciated… to say and do those things that will build her up and make her feel secure and covered by her husband.
  3. To experience affection and romance… a sense of romance and little signs of affection go a long way to establish trust and love in a woman’s heart. But they must be real, genuine and consistent… never manipulative or intruding on personal boundaries.
  4. Honesty and openness… Remember men: No secrets! The trust that honesty and openness brings to a marriage can handle the most devastating storm and deepest failure. Remember this word…”Together”!
  5. Stability and security… a wife appreciates and longs for stability in a husband. Walking on eggshells at home is no way to live. A secure relationship between a husband and wife can handle any challenge that comes its way.
  6. Family commitment and priority… The family is sacred and should be treated as such. When a wife and children know that they are a husband and father’s number one priority, under God, a door to love and trust is opened that no fiery darts can shut.


Husbands, pray for God’s help and guidance to love your wife the way God’s desires you to. And remember, your expression and response of love does not come from what she does or doesn’t do, it comes from your relationship with God and the love that He gives you is the love of which you give to her. Start now!