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The life of Daniel has many lessons for us to incorporate into our Christian walk… from his refusal to defile himself in Chapter 1 to the end-time vision God gave him in Chapters 10 and 11. But I think the most impacting story about Daniel came when he faced the lion’s den.

Daniel’s fellow administrators wanted to get him out of the picture so they convinced the king to make a decree that said anyone who prayed to any other god other than the king for thirty days will be cast into the lion’s den. Being the consecrated man of God that he was, his reaction completely flowed with his faith and trust in God. “Daniel entered his house… opened the windows towards Jerusalem… CONTINUED to kneel three times a day praying and giving thanks to God… AS HE HAD BEEN DOING PREVIOUSLY. (Daniel 6:10) Note the words in capital letters! Nothing changed in Daniel’s response to the king’s decree. He did the same thing that he had always done. He was consistent! His consistency not only brought a challenge of faith but also moved God to intervene with an absolute miracle. “My God sent His angel and shut the lion’s mouth and they have not harmed me…” (Daniel 6:22)

What God did for Daniel He will do for you! God will respond to a consistent faith. There will be such fruit and blessings to a consistent walk… through the trials and challenges that we face. That’s why God directs us to consistently study His Word, pray, renew our thinking, act according to His ways, seek Him, praise Him, hope, be in church, and love… consistently!

Some of us have led very inconsistent lives. But in His strength, that can change… and He can establish us, steady us, ground us and plant us. We can be consistent through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and as we pray to be consistent. Consistency brings great blessings from God and in our relationships with each other. So let’s learn from the life of Daniel. In the challenges of our faith, as well as in our daily living, if we remain consistent in thought, word and deed… God will take care of all else. Trust Him! We get blessed and He gets glorified! What a deal!