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“Hearers vs. Doers”

“But prove yourselves doers of the Word and not merely hearers who delude themselves.” (James 1:22)


There is a great difference in hearing the Word of God and doing the Word of God! Many people hear, not so many do. James likens a hearer and not a doer to a man who looks in the mirror and then walks away but forgetting what he saw in the mirror… forgetting what kind of person he is and continuing to live with no real change or correction. James states that the person who looks intently at the Word and abides by it becomes an “effectual doer” who will be blessed in whatever he does! Big difference between hearers and doers!


Sometimes people will come up to me after a sermon and share what it meant to them and that it spoke right to their heart. Many will come and ask if I were at their home the night before because the sermon was about something that they are going through right now. That’s what God does; He is always right on time and speaks to the heart of things through His Word that touches all of our hearts! I thank everyone who say considerate and complimentary things and am so glad hearts are being touched by His Word… but the important thing is what people do after they hear God’s Word.


I hear comments like, “Great Word Pastor” and “Good Word today Pastor”. But what makes a great of good sermon has little to do with the speaker. Yes of course, the speaker needs to be anointed to speak the anointed Word, but the greatness or goodness of a sermon has more to do with the one who hears it. A great word depends on the change and growth of the one who not only hears it, but does it! What you do with the Word after you hear it makes a sermon worth it’s salt! I learned a long time ago to never come to a church just to hear a sermon, but I come (with the power of the Holy Spirit) to apply what I hear to my life. I want the Word to change me, grow me, mature me, empower me transform me, help me, teach me Christ, and enable me to become the believer God has destined me to be! It would be better not to hear God’s Word than to hear and do nothing.


The next time we come to church, hear a sermon online, listen to a sermon on the radio or TV… purpose in your heart to not only hear what is being said, but to do what is being said under the unction of the leading, guiding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


I always came to church hungry and eager to let God’s Word change me. I always had my Bible, a pen and writing pad, my glasses and a prayer that cried out for the Lord to make what I just heard real in my life… to become a doer as much as a hearer.  That is still my prayer!