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Who is in our basket?

“But his disciples took him by night and let him down through an opening in the wall, lowering him in a large basket” Acts 9:25

Saul, soon to be Paul, had a dramatic conversion to the faith. Soon after his sight was restored and he was strengthened, he began to preach. Many questioned his motives and sincerity by bringing up his past as a persecutor of Christians. Still others were enraged at his preaching and plotted to kill him. One night, his friends had to get him out of the city by lowering him in a basket over the wall. After a time of preparation, Paul once again began to preach.

Thank God for those friends who cared enough to put him a basket, lower him over the wall and get him to safety. They truly “interceded” in Paul’s life. What a picture of intercessory prayer! Who is in our basket? Who are we interceding for? Who do we know that is in trouble or danger that need someone to be there for them. When we pray for people, our prayers become their basket that can have an enormous impact on their life.

Paul’s friends had to keep in mind some very important things…                                            1. They couldn’t let go of the basket until he was out of trouble.                                              2. They had to watch for those who wanted to hurt Paul.                                                          3. They had to work together as a team in order to let Paul down the wall.                              4. They were consistent, diligent, fervent and watchful.

Did they know how God was about to use the man in their basket? Did they know the impact Paul was about to have in the church and in the writing of most of the New Testament? Did they realize the consequences of their “intercession”? Keep interceding for the ones in your basket… there may be a “Paul” in there!