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"Give us this day our daily bread"

“ Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11

All throughout God’s Word, one of the marks of a believer is living by faith in Jesus Christ… trusting Him in every situation and relying on Him for all we need. But so many are worried and fearful that we will not have the provision that we need in difficult times. Jesus spoke to the crowds about not being anxious or fearful when it comes to the things that they need. (Matthew 6:25) He told them to look at the birds of the air and the flowers of the field to see the miracles of His provision…. and not to worry. He told them to seek God first and all they needed would be provided.

But He also told those with Him how to pray., One of the amazing things he directed them to pray for was “daily bread”. (vs. 11) He wanted them, and us, to have a strong faith for today…. To believe God for what we needed today. So many of us want to see the whole plan. We’ll have faith if we could see tomorrow’s provision! We want to make sure that we have enough for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the day after that. I’m all for planning and saving but that is not where my faith lies. God wants us to believe Him and trust Him for what we need today. He wants us to have such a faith that knows everyday Christ will come through for us. When we don’t see tomorrow’s provision and when we don’t see tomorrow’s miracles… can we still believe Him for today? Our faith must extend into tomorrow but must be rooted in the here and now. That’s why Jesus taught, “ Give us “this day” our “daily” bread! It takes a true faith to live believing for daily bread.

Can you believe that today Jesus will come through for you? Can your faith in Christ for today’s provision yield a peace and rest in your life? Let any anxiety or worry be turned into a seeking for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… then… all these things will be added (given) to you! What a promise! Pray today for daily bread and the faith to expect it. He will never let you down! Never!