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Ahead Spending so much of my time, then and now, in my car on the road, I have learned that there is a difference between a wrong turn and a detour. A wrong turn has to do with a choice I make to follow a certain road or path hoping that I know where I’m going choosing the best route. And if I make a wrong turn, I can eventually make a right turn and get back on my way. A detour is out of my control. The road crew up ahead, through the use of orange cones, big orange signs and flashing police lights… is directing me and I have little choice but to follow and hope, at some point, to get where I’m supposed to be. Hopefully! God has detours also. When God gives us a promise or a vision of a calling or purpose, the road may not be as straight as we would like. Sometimes there are life detours… a path to get us where we need to be orchestrated by our Lord. Before Abraham became our father of the faith, he had a little detour in Egypt for a few years. Before Moses led God’s people out of bondage, he had slight detour in the backside of the desert. Before David took the throne as King, a minor detour called Goliath rose up in his path. Before Peter became one of the leaders in the church, he had a detour called the dark night of the soul. Joseph, before he became a prominent leader in Egypt (second only to Pharoah) he had a series of detours called the pit, being sold to slave traders, false accusations, and being forgotten in prison and betrayed. But in those life detours, he knew God was faithful “in” the detour and not “out” of it. Joseph trusted God and kept the faith knowing that God was building something in him that only pain, suffering and endurance could build. He excelled in his detour, was content in a hard place, and knew that the fruitfulness of a life planted in the soil of God’s detours would be a blessing to so many others and a fulfillment to his own heart. Read 1 Peter 5:10, it will bless you!